Actively Change To Make Your Life Better

How have you changed? Recently?  In the last year?  In the last decade?

What caused the change?  Did things happen that caused the change?  Or did you select the change?

What influences cause your change?  Things you read?  People you work alongside?  Bosses?  Teachers? Preachers?  Coaches?  Family?

Are you working on change right now?  Is your change based on getting better by addition or getting better by subtraction?

What will be the influences that cause you to accomplish the change?  Who are you counting on to help?

Change isn’t for the faint hearted.  I believe the best change occurs when you decide to take it up.

If you aren’t changing on purpose, chances are that you wish things were going better.

Determine some change that will make your life better.  Determine what you must do to make that change.  Go get it!

That’s happening to the world.


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