Advice for Leaders

I read some advice for leaders: Don’t tell them to lead. Show them how to lead.

If you think about the best leader you have encountered, you can make a list of the things they did that caused you to follow them and count it a blessing:

  1. They encouraged you with praise. They acknowledged your gifts and abilities. They expressed appreciation for your contributions. Their praise boosted your confidence.
  1. They taught you. Teaching takes more time than telling. It assured you developed skills. It assured a deeper understanding.
  1. They trusted you. With greater responsibility. With their assets. With their reputations. You became a greater steward because you were trusted.
  1. They told you the truth. Even when it stung a bit. The truth they told took courage. They set you free.
  1. They held you accountable. They knew what you were capable of accomplishing and insisted you strive for it.

They showed you what leadership was all about. Their help was distinctive.

That’s leadership shown.

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