“An alert driver can avoid a car crash.”

“An alert driver can avoid a car crash.”

That message was displayed on signs up and down the interstate highways in Florida this holiday weekend.

The signs were every few miles. They were the informational signs that change to report conditions ahead. You develop the habit of glancing at them so you can know what to expect.

Each time I saw them I had a safety thought.

“Holiday weekend. Maybe crazy out there.”

“That’s interesting they are using the signs that way. Wonder if it works?”

“Distraction is probably an issue. The suggestion to be alert actually works!”

Organizations are learning that subtle “nudges” like the signs work.

Made me think about us and safety. How do we nudge each other to be safe?

Brief reminders at our daily talks? Brief huddles when we come back from breaks?

Here’s a nudge from the CEO. Alert operators avoid injuries in the workplace.

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