Anyone Can Lead

Leadership responsibility can not be turned on and off. The ability to perform well may fluctuate but your leadership cannot.
–Tom Crean, Indiana University basketball coach

At PalletOne, we believe “leaders” happen to the world.

That means that we want folks who believe that, whatever circumstances are occurring, they can step up and act in such a way as to make things better.

So, if the house is on fire, you will be part of the brigade to put it out. If the wagon is in the ditch, you will lend a shoulder to push it out.

If everyone is standing around and no action is taking place, you will make a suggestion on how to get started and back that up by lending a hand.

I am willing to follow leaders. When there is none apparent, I’m willing to provide leadership.

Anyone can lead. It doesn’t take a title. It takes alertness. It takes initiative. It takes effort.

The quote above reminds us that leadership is always in fashion and it’s always on time. Every situation is in search of a leader.

Be alert. Assess the field for the leader and follow her. If you don’t see her, it’s your turn. Step up!

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