A popular point at our leadership training is –  People don’t quit companies, they quit bosses. 


For each of us, our perception of the company where we are employed is influenced heavily by the leadership we encounter.  Our enterprise isn’t a name or a product as much as it is the people we encounter. 


When I saw the following on LinkedIn, it caused me to reflect on our training to leaders.  Here’s the post:

 “The bosses we remember:

1 provided safe space to grow

2 opened career doors 

3 defended us when we needed it

4 recognized and rewarded us

5 developed us as leaders

6 inspired us to stretch higher

7 led by example

8 told us our worked mattered

9 forgave us when we made mistakes”

 That’s a good list.


 First, I paused to remember who did those things for me.  In fact, every one of those things have been fine for me multiple times.  I remember times where I needed defense and to be forgiven. 

I remember doors that were opened for me and I only walked through because of the encouragement and inspiration of a colleague. 


I remember being uniquely praised for skills I displayed and found contentment when others told me that my contribution mattered.  A review of the list reminds me that I’m not “self-made” but stand on the shoulders of many others. 


So, that brings me to the second thing:

I go through the list and ask myself who would remember me as the one who provided space to grow, inspired greater goals, led by example.  Who sees me as one who opened doors to careers, challenged their development or gave significant feedback. 


A Bible verse I follow is Luke 12:48 which says, “To whom much is given, much is required”. 


I’ve been blessed to work with great leaders through the years.  They have made a difference. 


I’m called to be a great leader now.  It’s my duty to answer. 


How about you?

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