Finishing with Dr. Jennings’ APD Triad.




You can be in the same job for years.  That’s the way careers are.  While you may hold the same title, if you’re a performer, you will be getting better.  You learn.  You develop your range of skill and insights. Experience builds and bolsters you.

But, eventually, you “Depart”.  Jennings noted there was an art to departing.  Someone managing his departure well anticipated it.

He prepared a successor.

He left everything about the job better than they found it.

He was available to handle a transition.  He balanced transitional help with the certainty of leaving.  He didn’t get in the way after the job had been handed off.

As a performer, he wanted to be hard to replace.  But as one gracefully departing, he made sure all the maps and directions were available to aid the departure.

You may not plan to stay in your current role forever.  Perhaps you hope to be promoted or get a different role.

A well-planned strategy for departure will help you achieve those goals.

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