Jon Gordon is a speaker and author who focuses on leadership and team building.  His books are quick reads usually using story as a way to illustrate his teaching points.

He tweeted yesterday 5 Ways to be a Positive Communicator.  His teaching corresponds with ours on leadership

1. Shout praise, whisper criticism

We encourage praise to be used more often than correction.  We believe that public praise builds relationship and allows less frequent redirection to take hold.

2.  Encourage

See point 1

3.  Smile more.

Too smile on purpose means you’re conscious of how others perceive you.  You are intentional about the impact you want to make.  Leaders are read by their teammates. Presence matters.

4.  Don’t complain

Blaming, complaining and being defensive dampen the team’s spirit.  Leaders own the responsibility for the atmosphere.

5.  Welcome feedback

When you welcome feedback, communication is enhanced.  No organization worsens with better communication.

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