Are You “Happening” to the World?

PalletOne leaders “happen” to the world rather than letting the world “happen” to them.

Let me explain. There are things we can’t control. Lots of them. The weather. The economy. Wars and rumors of war. Accidents. Negligence of others. Actions of others. There are many more you can add.

Some would say that when the things that we can’t control “happen,” that is the world “happening” to us. I can’t argue that much.

What I call “happening” to the world encompasses our reaction to the things we can’t control.

We respond to circumstances by making choices.

We choose whether we will forgive or harbor feelings of bitterness.

We choose whether we will take action or be slowed with resentment.

We choose whether we will rebuild or walk away.

We choose whether we will play the hand that is dealt or fold up.

We choose whether we will teach or give up.

We choose whether we will risk or conserve.

“Happening” to the world in my book means that we learn from mistakes and circumstances and don’t let them wear us out.

“Happening” to the world means that we cultivate trust in ourselves and each other to get to a better result.

“Happening” to the world people have faith. “Happening” to the world people have hope.

“Happening” to the world people will try again. “Happening” to the world people choose to rebuild.

“Happening” to the world people are persistent. And, they are ambitious.

They aren’t victims. They aren’t down for long. They get out of the pile and go forth and make a difference.

Are you “happening” to the world?

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