I never heard of Sgt. Jake Wood until I watched the ESPYs last night.

Wood received the Pat Tillman Award for Service. Tillman was a successful pro athlete who retired to join the military in the wake of 911 and was killed in action.  In honor of his heroism ESPN honors an outstanding athlete who had served the community.

Wood, who was a four year letterman at the University of Wisconsin, also was inspired by 911.  He joined the Marines after his college career.  Became a decorated hero.

In 2010, the Haiti earthquake inspired him.  As he observed the devastation, it occurred to him that the skills he acquired in the military were ideally suited to help in Haiti.  He called up some fellow veterans and headed that way to help.  And, a not for profit called Team Rubicon was born.

He said some nice things in his acceptance speech.  I’m sure it’s on You Tube by now.  Look it up.

One statement that caught my attention:

“Hard work in pursuit of a goal fosters collaboration and appreciation.”

Are you in the midst of pursuing a goal?

Goals galvanize teams.  When you’re trying to get something done that is meaningful, you’re excited to work with others and you forge relationships you appreciate.

In Sgt. Wood’s world tragedies like the hurricanes last year are inspirations to go to work.

He rounded up his speech imploring the listeners:

“Know your neighbor, love your neighbor, help your neighbor.”

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