Are Your Meetings Good?

Are the meetings you are required to attend effective? Do you enjoy them?

I heard a great list of what’s included in a great meeting:

Meet to evaluate. Every meeting should include time to evaluate how the team is performing. Not only should results and outcomes be reported, but the team should spend time reflecting upon the performance. Satisfied with results? Where are we falling short?

If there is good evaluation, it will lead to problem solving and action planning to improve. This step aids purpose. It can be the largest determining factor in whether people think the meeting is worth attending.

Every meeting has a “what’s next” element. Some folks plan well but don’t make it clear on who is doing what and when. A great meeting ends with every person knowing what is expected.

Finally, you learn at a good meeting. When there’s nothing new or learned at a meeting, leaders have failed in the planning. Leaders must consider in advance what’s going to happen where new learning can take place.

Are your meetings good? Use this list to consider why you answer the way you do.

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