Attributes To Admire

Dan Connolly just retired as an offensive lineman for the New England Patriots. Bill Belichick, the New England coach, had this to say:

Dan Connolly exemplified everything our program requires of players. He was tough and dependable, smart and team oriented and his work ethic ensured he improved on an annual basis to reach his potential. From where his career began as a developmental player to where it finished as a team leader and champion, Dan Connolly was a player I was proud to coach.”

That’s quite a tribute. One that I suppose Connolly read and derived great satisfaction.

Before today, I couldn’t have told you who Connolly was. But, I admire him now.

Put the team first.
Strong work ethic.
Continually improved.
Was better when he finished than when he began.
Inspired pride in those who worked with him.

Don’t know what my list would say. But, those are attributes to aspire to obtain.

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