Being Indispensable to Our Customers

If your customer can live without you, they eventually will.

That was the headline of an article I saw the other day. Its truth was so self evident, I didn’t even read the details.

It should be a goal of each of us to be indispensable.

We all have customers. If you drive a forklift, if you clean the bathrooms, if you maintain the equipment, if you buy the lumber, if you do the billing, if you do research, if you pay the taxes…you get the point. We all have someone who depends on us to do our jobs well so that he can benefit from that product or service.

If our customer doesn’t get what he wants, the search for alternatives begins.

So, have you been keeping your customer in mind as you do your job?

Have you asked recently: “How am I doing?”

Have you inquired: “What can I do better?”

Have you, on your own initiative, added a new twist or added a new feature or taken on a broader responsibility?

Improving and expanding how we do things will cause the customer to keep calling our number.

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