BRAVO for Wellness

“Don’t stay on the wrong road just because you’ve been traveling it a long time.” Bruce Horton

We are creatures of habit. We develop patterns we repeat. We travel the same routes routinely. We do things on automatic pilot.

Sometimes those things aren’t healthy.

It’s time for Bravo Wellness enrollment. Hopefully, you are familiar with it.

Whether you are enrolled in our health insurance or not, you are eligible to participate in Bravo. They take a blood sample, weigh you and take your blood pressure. From those simple procedures, you get a complete health analysis which describes your present state (the road you are on) and makes some recommendations about how to find a better path.

It addresses a number of key issues:

Nicotine use which can lead to cancer.

Glucose, a measure of your blood sugar, which is a predictor of diabetes. Diabetes can lead to heart disease, poor circulation, stroke if it isn’t managed.

It describes whether your blood pressure is in line. If it isn’t you are more vulnerable to a stroke. If it isn’t’, there are quick steps to contain it (through medication) and longer term strategies (through diet and exercise) which will allow yourself to eliminate the risk.

Finally, it will describe where you are on the obesity scale. Obesity is one of the largest health risks faced by Americans. It’s one of the worst roads we can stay on.

We’ve been doing Bravo for a few years and trends seem to indicate that many of you are using the information to change lanes. Is this your year?

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