Probably the greatest priority companies have right now is to “build their teams.” 

Universally, growing companies are working hard to keep good employees and entice new ones with promising internal want ads sending the message:

“We have vacancies.” However, while we advertise our jobs with roadside banners and social networks, our best referrals come from our internal team and outside colleagues.  

While our work pace is rigorous, our company pays well, provides great benefits, and offers opportunities to grow.  In the coming years, we will introduce new equipment and upgrade processes which will require mechanical and technical skills.  The work should reduce physicality and reward those with “smarts.” 

It is our goal to provide a path forward.  Our team members are encouraged to about their individual ambitions for work.  We strive to do our best to add to their experience allowing them to qualify to do more and different things.  

Additionally, we are doubling our efforts on safety.  PalletOne has been challenged to safeguard our machinery and upgrade our training on safe practices.  Safety discipline is a choice and it starts with choosing safe habits as an individual and keeping each other accountable.  

We hope to grow our numbers, as well as, operate more safely.  Let’s get after it!

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