Business Concept

Here’s a business concept you should consider: everyone in an enterprise has customers.

You either serve the paying customer directly or you serve someone who serves that customer.

So, who are your customers?

I heard a consultant recently say: a key value that we provide to a customer is the “time” we save the customer. Interesting thought: how does your activity with your customer save them time?

Deliver your product or service on time, every time. Missing a deadline sets back production. Being on time saves your customer time.

Have your product or service meet all the customers expectations for performance. Having to return the product wastes time. Having to rework the products wastes time and money.

Be so reliable with your product or service that your customer doesn’t waste time inspecting. We send the right stuff in the right number. It has the right measure. It meets the spec.

Be accurate in your communication and paperwork. Fill in all the blanks. Don’t be imprecise. Make sure they don’t have to search or ask for information.

Be a subject matter expert. Teach them what they should expect. Cause them to be an expert in your product. Do the digging for them.

As life speeds up, redeeming time becomes highly valued. Think about the time you save for your customer. It may lead you to raise your game.

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