It’s easy to do.

You wake up. Move into your routine. Go through the motions. Get to work. Do what’s in front of you.

All around you, everyone is doing the same.

But what if each changed it just a bit?

You get up. Embrace the day. Purposefully, intentionally decide what you can do to make things better.

  • I can start with energy.
  • I can greet my teammates with a smile.
  • I can suggest a productivity target.
  • I can teach the “new guy” a trick or two that will cause him to be more effective.
  • I can make certain that safety risks are cleared up. Maintenance issues are identified. Housekeeping is tour ready.
  • I can be a role model. People will be glad I came today because I made a difference.

If your habit is to be one who makes a difference every day, you will notice some things.

You get good assignments. You get trusted with increased responsibility. Your day passes by quicker. Your attitude is above average. Your life has more meaning.

It all starts with deciding you are going to make a difference.

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