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Colin Powell’s 13 Rules Of Leadership

I admire General Colin Powell, former Secretary of State. I saw these rules posted on line which outlined his operating philosophy.

Rule 1: It Ain’t as Bad as You Think.  It Will Look Better in the Morning.

Rule 2: Get Mad Then Get Over It.

Rule 3: Avoid Having Your Ego so Close to your Position that When Your Position Falls, Your Ego Goes With It.

Rule 4: It Can be Done.

Rule 5: Be Careful What You Choose. You May Get It.

Rule 6: Don’t Let Adverse Facts Stand in the Way of a Good Decision.

Rule 7: You Can’t Make Someone Else’s Decisions.  You Shouldn’t Let Someone Else Make Yours.

Rule 8: Check Small Things.

Rule 9: Share Credit.

Rule 10: Remain calm.  Be kind.

Rule 11: Have a Vision. Be Demanding.

Rule 12: Don’t take counsel of your fears or naysayers.

Rule 13: Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.


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