Commit To Your Role

“You can become a star by buying into a role. “ – Doc Rivers, pro basketball coach.

Are you fully committed to your role?

Some folks let their desire to have another role keep them from doing their assigned role well.

Some folks focus on the little hassles that accompany their assignment and let those hassles detract from the satisfaction of completing a job well done.

Some folks diminish the significance of their role as compared to others they see. By failing to acknowledge the contribution the role makes, concentration on effort and focus on execution wanes.

Coach Rivers says that bringing your complete focus and effort toward fulfilling your role has a way of making a difference. By being faithful to every assignment, you earn the trust of your teammates and leaders alike. As trust builds, so does the nature of your assignments and responsibilities.

You make your team better when you perform your role well. Your confidence grows when you perform your role well. Your influence expands when you perform your job well. Your sense of satisfaction and your legacy of effectiveness grows as you perform your role well.

Are you committed to your role? Doesn’t it make sense to activate that commitment?

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