One of the challenges each of us has is executing on our daily commitments and responsibilities.

I was listening to organizational psychologist Tim Kight describe execution as a critical transaction.  He says world class execution turns on “commitment, diligence, and attention to detail.”

Think about execution.  You know what needs to be done.  You know how to do it.  The question whether you will fight complacency to bring an excellent effort in performing the routine tasks that must be done may be the difference in being top tier and mediocre.

So, commitment and diligence, do you bring your top effort every day?  Can people take your day to day effort and performance to the bank?  Diligence means you understand what’s called for and you provide it every day.

Attention to detail?  You have the discipline to avoid shortcuts.  You have the discipline to give full effort.

Execution requires commitment, diligence and attention to detail.

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