If we are the “best” place to work in our communities we serve, every member on our team will know how to make a meaningful contribution to fulfilling our goals.

Key contributors choose safety.  All the time.

First, you’re mindful of your personal, individual safety:

  • Following the rules.
  • Adhering to the procedures.
  • Becoming a “safety” student of your environment so that you are alert to the risks facing you.
  • These are all ways to make a big contribution.

Second, you’re a force for safety on your team:

  • You ask good questions.
  • You point out unsafe situations and unsafe actions.
  • You teach new people safety.
  • You hold teammates accountable to safe behavior.
  • You will not let unsafe conditions stand.

And finally, an intentional, safe teammate means being active:

  • You choose it.
  • You devote energy to it.
  • You don’t let your guard down.
  • These things require mental toughness and commitment.

My experience is if you will be tough and committed to safety, other good things follow.

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