Communication Key To Conflict Resolution

Two times recently I got a call where a conflict was laid before me.

Typically, when conflicts are presented to me, they come with a request to help resolve them. In neither case did this happen this time.

In both cases, the report was about how the problem was resolved. They used methods that we discuss in HQ Notes all the time. Here are the high points:

  1.  The issue was pointed out by someone closest to it. In each case, the person knew our process was not lean. It needed to be fixed and the person had trouble seeing the clear path to fixing it. But, the employees were accountable. They sounded the alarm.
  1. The issue was causing tension. In each case, the leader in charge determined the best way to handle matters was to huddle up. He got all the participants together, listed all the issues, cleared up communication. As typical, communication and understanding were not ideal. By making the issue the boss in the huddle, the team avoided the tension of personalities. The solution was objective. It involved changes from all concerned. It was implemented well because everyone bought in.
  1. The team was energized as a result. Things went better. They felt the joy of creating a better situation at work.

All this occurred because someone had the courage to site the issue and someone got us in a circle to solve it.

My callers said “those huddles work well”. They do. We should use them more.

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