Continue to Focus on Lean

Are you “lean”?

We talk about creating a “lean” company all the time. But, to accomplish that mission, every single person needs to embrace the mission.

I’m writing this as a bit of a confession because I realize that I don’t always walk the talk.

For instance, my office isn’t as 6Sed as it should be. If I scan my work area, there’s significant sorting and straightening that should take place.

That being said, I’ve become a more consistent observer of the processes I encounter every day.

I spend more time exploring reasons why those processes aren’t better.

I am more inclined to take actions that attempt to correct them.

I am more likely to make observations to others about things that don’t appear lean and to offer suggestions on how they might be leaner.

I find the commitment to be leaner causes me to be better engaged. I think it’s the same for others I see doing the same thing.

Lean is not a program. It doesn’t end. If we do lean correctly it becomes a way of life.

Please take a moment and consider your last few weeks. Ask yourself, what changes would I point to in my work life that would support that I’m engaged in working lean?

If you are searching for an answer, there’s a whole world waiting out there to dig in to. We’ve made progress but there’s more we can do.

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