Let’s call attention to tension. We’re ending five months of COVID-19. Our lives have been disrupted. We can’t freely go where we want to go. Can’t go see who we want to see. Our business and personal lives are altered. We’re working in altered environments and adapting daily to different situations.

As tensions rise, tempers shorten. We’re more likely to snap back. To not get the joke. To be offended where no offense is intended. It’s tough.

If you Google “coping with tension,” there is advice. It reads like this: 

·         Exercise regularly. Staying active is better than passive relaxation like watching television or playing video games.

·         Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or meditation.

·         Try to maintain your sense of humor.

·         Fit in some healthy hobbies like reading or listening to music.

·         Spend time with family and friends, if you can do it safely.

·         Watch your stress habits. Try not to default to drinking or eating too much.

I mention this because we can be passive and let tension have its way with us, or we can pinpoint the impact that’s occurring and attack it.

Defaulting to tension will impact your physical and emotional health. Let’s go on the attack.


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