Courageous communication is critical to our success at PalletOne.

What do I mean by courageous communication?

  • Courageous communicators are candid about the situations that need attention. They will point out shortcomings in our process and suggest ways to correct them.
  • Courageous communicators will address uncomfortable discussions. I call this the “bad breath area.” They will tell someone they have bad breath rather than let everyone suffer.
  • Courageous communicators will reveal their shortcomings and ask for help. It takes vulnerability to confess a need for help. Courageous communicators have it.
  • Courageous communicators will admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness.
  • Courageous communicators will boldly suggest ideas even when they are unconventional or not in the area of specialty they serve.
  • Courageous communicators got that way by taking risks. Once started, they kept trying despite false starts and imperfect results. They became competent through trial and error.
  • Courageous communicators operate with the confidence that communicating courageously is an assurance of improving the team.

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