Criticism Inhibits The Ability To Listen And To Compromise

John Baldoni shared a story about U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley who gave a speech to a group of student leaders about civility.

Civility is a topic that is more common these days.  More and more people deplore the animosity that is apparent in the media these days.

Haley noted in her speech that people have moved toward criticism and away from persuasion.  Her point is that criticism inhibits the ability to listen and to compromise. When people are civil with each other, the opportunity to persuade exists. Persuasion is the foundational building block of change and compromise.

Baldoni suggests three things that foster civility and progress in interactions:

  • Thinkabout what you say before we say it.
  • Respectthe person with whom you are speaking.
  • Actto persuade, not to insult.

It’s easy to model the contentious nature we hear acted out on talk radio.

Pausing to consider words you use and respecting the one you plan to persuade will serve you well if civility is your aim.

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