Don’t Give Up on Change

Change isn’t easy.

One of the things that makes it difficult is that the outcomes you seek with change don’t always come that easy. In fact, most often they don’t come easy at all.

I experience it this way. I accepted the weight loss challenge. I changed what I’m eating – mostly giving up things I enjoy.

In exchange for this significant sacrifice, this monumental change of direction, I expected significant, monumental results.

After two weeks, I’ve improved. But not significantly. Not monumentally. So doubts creep into the brain.

I was complaining to my wife. She nodded at me. Reminded me that older people have balky metabolisms. And made this comment: “It’s a math equation. Take in fewer calories than you were, you will lose weight.”

We have change efforts going on everywhere in this organization. Some produce dramatic, overnight results. Most produce small improvements. There are steps forward and steps back. When the changes come slowly, you begin to wonder if it is worth the effort.

The answer is: yes.

Leaner is healthier both physically and organizationally.

Lean takes steadfast commitment. It takes time to change habits. You are going to have to fight through the temptation to turn back because the results aren’t significant or monumental. Yet, anyhow.

Build your change on better methods. Keep focused on achieving small improvements. Don’t turn back in the plateau. It will make us stronger.

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