Eliminate “BCD” Behavior

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer has written a book on leadership and the championship season the Buckeyes experienced in 2014.

He said that one of the keys to success was to get his team to eliminate “BCD” behavior. It stands for no Blaming, no Complaining and no Defending.

No one has to Blame if everyone on the team is accountable. If you trust that each team member is focused on doing her best, you can count on them to work on the shortcomings that arise and clean them up.

No one has to Complain when there is a unified commitment and effort to take every situation and make it better. No energy is wasted on complaining, but every effort is placed on clarifying the problem and working to resolve it.

No one was to Defend themselves when they remain humble, open to considering better ways and alternative paths. Being defensive is looking backward. If we are looking forward we aren’t mired down with regret, guilt or failure.
We can move ahead.

Blaming, complaining and defending are things we do, things we choose. You become a better teammate if you eliminate them. Their absence creates an environment for success.

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