Emotions Are at the Center of Patience

“Patience is choosing to control your emotions rather than letting your emotions control you.”

Are you a person who desires to be more patient?

If so, how are you attacking it?

This quote from writer Mark Merrill suggests emotions are at the center of patience.

Here’s my experience with patient people:

  1. They can wait. They resist the impulse to react to situations and act only when they come up with a plan.
  2. They have learned to listen. They know there is more power with an insightful question and reflection of others’ emotions than by adding emotion.
  3. They envision how their reactions might be viewed by those who experience them and choose a reaction to achieve an intended result.

Those strategies bespeak a calm mind, an experienced communicator and an effective leader. Emotion has a place in everything we do but it has to be managed to achieve results.

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