“We don’t know who we are until someone tells us.”

I first identified as a leader in fourth grade.  My teacher, who knew I played organized sports, assigned me the role of putting my class softball team together.

I had the right players in the right spot.  They thought we were playing recreational ball.  We kicked their butt.

As we returned to our classroom, the teacher from the other class stopped me and said: “Mr. Wallace. That’s one of the best examples of leadership I’ve ever seen”.

I’ve thought of myself as a leader ever since.

I’ve had other times when someone recognized skill or abilities in me and commended me for them.  I recognize that most of the things I’ve accomplished because someone else pointed out the possibility to me first.

As teammates, it is important to reflect the talents and abilities we see in each other.  When you see that glimpse of possibility in someone speak up.

Encourage others to try new things.  Note their abilities.  Assist in the development of others.

Feedback is powerful.  The more we share it with each other, the more we will fulfill our potential.

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Since 2005, he has been sharing his thoughts on the organization, leadership, and communication in an online daily note to teammates called Daily with HQ.


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