Engagement Strategies; A Closer Look

Yesterday, I suggested everyone should have an engagement strategy. As I ask people to have one, it’s fair for you to wonder what mine is. Here goes:

  1.  I trust first. You can make people prove themselves first. Or you can assume that everyone wants to be trusted. I find it easier to build relationships if I trust first.
  1. I huddle. Teams do better when they huddle more. I believe in huddles.

Communication is better. Decision making more developed in huddles.

  1. I listen.
  1. I define before deciding. Talking about issues. Considering angles.Focusing on defining the problem. All those lead to better decisions. When definition happens, decisions become evident.
  1. I assume others are smarter. I remain mindful of my limitations. All of us are smarter than each of us.
  1. I teach where I can. If there is something I can share or teach, I want to do it. If you get the reputation of being an effective teacher, you’re welcome to most settings.
  1. I read and learn from others so I can be more effective at leading and teaching. I always have a book going. I read from many sources. I have podcasts I listen to. All with the intent of becoming better at engagement.
  1. I’m interested in others. I try to make it a point to learn about others.The more I know about them, the higher the quality of our engagement.

Do I do these things flawlessly? Nope. I fail at times.

Are my teams better when I follow those steps? Absolutely. Those methods work.

Do you have to be extroverted or outgoing to do these? Most of them take practice.

Don’t use mine. Come up with your own. Then practice it. Make it a habit.

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