Enjoy vs. Endure: The Choice Is Yours

“It’s a beautiful thing to become someone that others enjoy rather than endure.”  -Don Miller

How do we do that as a team?

It starts with each one of us wanting to do it individually. So many times what a customer thinks of all of us comes down to what one of us does.

I read a marketing blog each morning crafted by an organization called Miles and Company. The author Tim Miles listed things a person does. Several stood out for me.

  1. Listen. With undivided attention. Focused on the concerns of another.
  2. Finds a way to say yes. A wise man I worked for had a rule. “Never say “no” to a customer.” He didn’t mean the customer was always right. He meant that if we start by saying “yes” to a customer’s idea or a request when it seems the answer should be “no”, we engage creativity. We dig a little deeper. We go the extra mile. We try out new things which may be the next product offering for more customers. The effort draws the customer to us. Whatever the result, the customer knows we are for him. The process of starting with something other than “no”, “that won’t work” or “sorry, we are out of that” builds relationships.
  3.  Say thanks. Customers sign our checks. The people who you work to serve at work are the ones who establish your value. The service provider deserves thanks. But, it’s a two way street. The customer chooses us compared to others. Honor that choice by expressing gratitude.
  4.  Fulfill your commitments. Do what is expected. On time. Every time. If you see some shortfall coming, communicate in advance. It creates confidence.

I give the example often of Karl Malone, a basketball Hall of Famer, whose greatness included being a model teammate. Karl said his grandmother gave him great advice: “Karl, make sure they are always glad to see you coming.”

Do others endure you or enjoy you? Are they glad to see you coming?

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