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“It is about who you’re around every day, who you’re working for, how they empower you, how much you believe in the people you’re around and how much you enjoy that camaraderie.”  -Brad Stevens, coach of the Boston Celtics.

By all accounts, Stevens is one of the best and brightest coaches in the trade. He twice led a college most had not heard of, Butler, to the Final Four. He is in his third season coaching the NBA Celtics and has rebuilt a program which was on hard times.

He was describing what brings him satisfaction in his work.

I’ve been on the road this week. Visited six plants in three days. We were reviewing the results of our engagement survey we conducted last fall.

The theme of the survey models Stevens thoughts on the matter. It also monitors mine.

My goal is to make this the best place you’ve worked.

We want you to be empowered by our training and daily coaching. We hope your experience is causing you growth and satisfaction.

We want you to feel part of a team. In fact, a good team. A team that is committed to effective, quality work. A team where you enjoy the fellowship. A team where you feel like a winner.

We want you to be proud. Proud enough to brag about your company. Proud enough to recruit others to join you.

By the middle of May, I’ll have touched down to all the plants. Looking forward to sharing ideas with you.


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