Our colleague Casey Fletcher sent me a Wall Street Journal article that describes several crises solved where “humility” was a key factor in the solution.

Here’s the link: https://www.wsj.com/articles/in-a-life-or-death-crisis-humility-is-everything-11564133402?mod=mhp

The article author Sam Walker describes the situations and how the heroes responded to resolve.  He points out four characteristics that existed to attain the best results possible.

  1.  Expertise – The leaders had solid, professional experience. They had logged many hours. Seen many things.  They were able to leverage that experience to make sound decisions and act in situations requiring answers in unfamiliar settings.  When confronted with a crisis, value expertise.  The experts must step up.
  2. Composure – This is where the humility starts. The leader moved quickly into action and the team was fortified by the decisive action. The leadership was executed without drama.  Composure helps people to move into action.
  3. Collaboration – When confronting a crisis, everyone needs to be able to contribute. There’s no time for argument. Only time to go to work.  Contribute quickly.  Take a path.  Communicate calmly.
  4. Confidence – The article says confidence is contagious. When the leader exudes confidence that the crisis can be resolved, the team rallies. I heard once that “Believing makes it so.”

Crises and challenges arise frequently in our works’ arena.  Facing them with humility and engaging all the resources of our teammates help us to survive.

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