Gaining Share

Yesterday, I wrote about the idea of “gaining share” or “losing share” when it came to relationships. Several of you wondered about my use of “share.”

Let me explain: In the example, “share” is a CEO talking about market share. He’s using a business term to speak about getting better or getting worse.

If we sell all the pallets a customer buys, we have 100% market share. If we sell half, we have 50 %. Businesses desire to gain market share. We want to earn all of the business available through great quality, great service and competitive pricing. That’s battling in the market price.

Thus, when the CEO was saying to his colleague that we ought to try to “gain share” as we encounter others, he was using a familiar marketing term to try to quantify relationships.

When we first meet someone, we each developed an impression. Typically, it will be favorable or unfavorable, but it typically isn’t a final impression. The next time we meet, I’ll be more impressed (gaining share) or less impressed (losing share).

If over time, I conduct myself in such a manner as you see me as on your side, a friend, a resource, as someone who can be counted upon, someone who can be trusted , I have gained share.

I can have “great share” with you, but it is important to recognize my very next interaction carries a potential of a setback . If I do something that lessens your trust or confidence in me, I “lose share”.

Most people I know who are effective have a “mindfulness” about winning relationships. They are people I like to follow. They are people I like to recruit to my team. They are people I like to do business with. They are my friends.

Being a person mindful of relationship building and who does it every day in their family, among their colleagues and within the communities where he travels will lead you to good places.

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