“Glue Guy”

In you follow professional sports, you will notice players who have long careers because they were “good” in the locker room.  What that means is, though they are past their prime as athletes, the contribution they make to the team as a high character person is worth keeping them around.

Last year on the Chicago Cubs, David Ross was one of those guys.  He was the backup catcher who caught about every fourth game but his leadership was one of the factors to cause the Cubs to win their first World Series in 92 years.

Ross wrote an article in an on-line publication called The Players’ Tribune where he described the characteristics of a “glue guy”.  A “glue guy” is one who helps mold a team and hold them together.  Here is a quick list of the characteristics:

  1. Unselfish.  Doesn’t put his personal role above that of the team.
  2. Good teammate. Stays in touch with his teammates.  His feel for what is going on with the individual players.  Seems to care about them more than himself.
  3. Communicates. Understands the necessity and power of communication.  He is an agent for it with the team.  He bridges the communication gap.
  4. Honest and candid.  Says what needs to be said.  Holds others accountable.
  5. Encouraging.  Readily says the right word of encouragement.  Builds off his relationships to be a valued advisor.
  6. Loosens the teams.  Keeps everything in perspective so that small things stay small.
  7. Focuses the team.  Makes sure the main things remain the main thing.  Has a way to constantly pointing the team toward the ultimate goals.

A “glue guy” is good in the locker room because he is a force in the environment.  He cares.  He makes others want to care.  Once he teaches them to care, you always remember the power of caring and the commitment it brings.

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