Go Forward With Faith

“Let us move forward with a strong and active faith.” – Franklin D.


I spent some time during the holidays watching a Public Broadcast Service on the Roosevelts -Theodore (TR)and Franklin (FDR). It described their path to the presidency and the challenges they encountered.

If you are like me and tuned out of history in high school, watching this series was a great education.

FDR was elected president for four terms and died early in the fourth. He led our country through The Great Depression, a second recession and our entry into World War II. All this occurred after a bout with polio had confined him to a wheel chair.

The phrase quoted above came from his fourth inaugural speech. It invited all Americans to put fears aside and to act upon the faith that a country bound together in purposeful action will overcome hardship.

We know now that Roosevelt’s advice to abandon fear for the haven of faith was sound. It has worked through time over and over again.

Where do you find your head today? Are you fretting or are you planning to move ahead with faith that you will be satisfied with the results?

Move forward with a strong and active faith.

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