Heard this and haven’t researched it, but it’s an interesting idea:

Our brain is the biggest energy consuming organ in our body.  Estimated usage is almost 60% of the total energy consumed.

Thus, our brain gets tired easy and prefers to take the easy way out anytime it can.  So, left to its own resources, the brain will default to automatic paths and patterns we have established before.  In essence, it takes energy to think.  It takes energy to learn.  It takes energy to choose a unique path.  It takes energy to create a better habit.

That’s a bit to consider!

It speaks to my physical health.  If I don’t obtain and maintain good physical health and conditioning, my brain will revert to automatic pilot fairly easily and my ability to make better habits and learn more will be affected.

It speaks to my emotional health.  When I am tired, the ability to focus and concentrate will be affected. Choosing the right response and words is a larger physical feat when you have to muster up energy from a low energy reserve.

Working inside your head may seem sedentary and solitary.  But, good intentional planning and action requires a full reserve of energy.

Happening to the world is not for wimps.  It takes power and energy purposefully deployed.

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