“Don’t Look for the big quick improvement, seek the small improvement one day at a time.”  Daniel Coyle

Some people don’t start an improvement plan because it feels like too much.  Feels too big.

If you’re one of those people, I ask you to reconsider the quote above.

Bit by bit.  Day by day.  It has a way of building up if you are improving just a little each day.

Improvement plans usually start with something specific, something measurable.

Want to build more pallets?  What’s your number?  How many do you average an hour?  A shift?  A week?

Start with a small goal.  Make it a goal you think you can hit.  Go for it.

When you hit it.  Celebrate it a bit.  Give yourself a reward.

Set a new objective.  Do it again.

Being one or two better four or five days in a row, makes you five to 10 better in a week.

Before you know it, you set a new standard.  What used to be normal is as ancient as the “four minute mile” or the rotary phone.

You aren’t fearful of the process of improvement any longer.  It doesn’t feel as daunting.

Taking small victories and gains one step at a time adds up.  You are either getting better or worse.

There is no level ground.  Growing a bit at a time is the way to win.

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