Breaking a habit or creating a new habit is difficult.  That’s why New Year’s resolutions are so tough to create.  

Our “lean” manager Steve Roberts shared some psychology that he learned recently by listening to a sermon.  

The speaker was talking about the 3 P’s:  Perspective, Priority, and Practice.  

According to the speaker, the mistake that we make is that we begin to practice before we align our thoughts. 

Steve explained it this way:  

  • If we want to change our practice, we can’t just dive right in and expect it to stick for a long period.  We first need to make it a priority.  
  • But to make something a priority, we must have an aligned perspective about the situation, facts, or judgment.
  • Therefore, with an aligned perspective and priority, the practice that we ultimately want will occur with less internal resistance.

To make a change stick, it is important to commit to the change – that’s a priority.  To make a priority, the logic for change must be compelling – that’s perspective.  

Change that is entered on a whim won’t take hold.  Change that is considered in advance and supported by conviction has a chance.

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