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I’ve had three conversations this week about the “power” of a handwritten note.

Personally, I used to do it more than I do now. I’ve reverted to texting and emailing. In each of the three conversations, I was informed that I was making a mistake.

Here’s what the experts said:

Handwritten notes get noticed and read. These days there is so much unsolicited junk mail that a note that is hand addressed stands out in the group. It will the first thing opened.

Handwritten notes say “I care.” A rare commodity, the handwritten note sears a place in the recipient’s mind. Chances are that every time you come in contact in the future, the first thought may be “that person sent me a note.”

Recently, our treated wood team received a visit from our largest customer. An effort was made to make sure the tour resonated with the customer. Many elements were incorporated into the visit and many of our folks stretched themselves to make sure our enterprise stood out.

The leader of our customer delegation noticed the distinctive effort. Today, he delighted us in return by sending a personal note to everyone he met on the visit.

Everyone receiving a note had a bit more swagger today. I suspect the commitment to serve the customer rose a bit.

I’m rethinking my note strategy. Maybe we all should.

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