“Happening to the world ”Strategy.

Development of “good habits” is a key to a disciplined, lean operation or life.

The mindset can go like this:

What area do you need to improve? What habit would foster that improvement?

Charles Duhigg wrote a book called The Power of Habit. In it, Duhigg notes habits are products of the brain. Every habit-good or bad- has a routine.

A cue-end of the meal- sparks

A routine- after mill cigarette which garners

A reward- nicotine rush.

You can break down every habit this way.

A cue triggers a process which gets a reward.

Duhigg says insights into how habits are formed can make you a more effective habit builder. Once you break it down, you can design habits. Hopefully, constructive ones.

I ranted on lock out, tag out the other day. The key is to make it a habit.

Cue- breakdown or disruption
Routine- lock out, tag out
Reward- you remain safe.

It takes intention to create a habit. Some say you have to put brain power behind a habit for 30 days before it becomes automatic.

But, the ability to diagnose a habit makes you more effective at designing a good habit or deconstructing a bad one. In either case, habit building can be a game changer.

Building and adding habits are a “happening to the world ”strategy.

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