Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is good for the soul!

If you Google the benefits of gratitude, you will read creating the habit of being grateful has a positive impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The experts say that expressing gratitude improves your attitude, increases your ability to handle your stress and contributes to your energy to be responding to life. In short, gratitude enables you to “happen to the world” with greater strength and endurance.

I’m grateful to live in this country. Despite our issues, there are limitless opportunities with freedom to pursue them. It’s hard to imagine a better environment where you can attain success.

I’m grateful I get to work alongside you. I’m proud of the products we provide and the service which goes along with it. Prouder of the way we work together to achieve our results.

My personal blessings abound. As I consider family, friendships, health and community, I am humbled and grateful for my abundance.

I am mindful of those of you who are grieving from loss, concerned with circumstances which are big and looking forward to better days. I pray those better days are ahead.

All that being said, I wish you a day of warm celebration. Happy Thanksgiving.

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