“Every obstacle an opportunity to practice a virtue: patience, courage, humility, resourcefulness, reason, justice, creativity.”  Marcus Aurelius, emperor.

Encountering obstacles successfully requires a certain mental heartiness.  The ancient emperor Marcus Aurelius described what that heart looked like with the quote.

Is this you?

What happens when you encounter trials?

Do you blow up emotionally or do you exhibit a quiet patience?

Do you cower at the challenge or take bold, courageous steps?

Do you express frustration at your “bad luck” or do you humbly proceed with the knowledge that no one is exempt from a tough thing occurring?

Do you throw up your hands and stomp your feet or take a thoughtful inventory of the resources available to you to engage the trial?

The best habit to develop when encountering an obstacle is to pause, reflect and consider how the trial will increase your strength and resilience.


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