Huddle Up For Improved Communications

I met with plant managers in North Carolina and they shared with me that in 2015 they intend to huddle more.

Here’s what they notice. No matter how good it seems, there is always something that could be better.

The managers realize that by the time that they see a problem, it’s probably been going on awhile. Further, the people closest to the problem are usually those who know about it first. Finally, they are also seeing that you have the best ideas about erasing the issue.

So, huddles make sense. In the huddle, usually a group of four to six people, there is an opportunity to brainstorm ideas, craft potential solutions and try to rectify the issue.

They are learning the more often the huddles, the higher the quality of communication. The better the communication, the more freely it occurs.

As these solutions are tried and good results are achieved, the huddles happen more frequently. The solutions come faster. It works.

I think huddles are a fabulous idea. I don’t know how we lose by huddling. Everyone has an opportunity to contribute.  It causes a higher level of investment. There’s nothing like being heard and seeing a suggestion put to work.

When’s the last time you were in a huddle designed to make things better for you at work? I hope it happens pretty soon.

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