“If your not growing, it’s not experience.”

“If your not growing, it’s not experience.”

Experience is more than putting in the time. If you’re doing your job or living your life the same way this year as you did last year, you’re not become more experienced. Your becoming stale.

We are blessed to have the capacity to grow. Most of us still have untapped potential to be mined.

Discovering your human potential Starr’s with desire. You have to want to grow to discover potential.

The desire has to transfer into effort. The desire must move from your mind into your hands and feet. No effort. No change.

Hopefully, your job offers you the opportunity to test yourself. You spend the greatest portion of your day working.  Developing the habit of identifying opportunities for improvement will be fulfilling. Improve your pace. Enable your teammates. Develop skills. Learn some new stuff about your machines. Seek cross training opportunities.

The environments we find ourselves in contribute to our potential. Who do you hangout with? How do they encourage you? Inspire you? Teach you? If you aren’t in a place where those things are happening, you could use a change of location.

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