Improving Performance and Effectiveness Daily is the Work of Champions

Improving performance and effectiveness daily is the work of champions.

I read a discussion recently on how champions make this happen. Here are four attributes:

  1. Make it conscious. Champions start every session with a specific, “conscious” aim they are trying to achieve. They don’t just show up and go through the motions. They show up with an agenda. They start the session with a target in mind. They have a plan to make it better.
  1. Make it a game. Turning the effort into a game turns the effort into “fun” rather than drudgery. It takes some effort to think about “gaming” up work but I bet if you ask someone whose really good at what they do, chances are they will tell you how they framed it into a game.
  1. Keep it competitive. Games are competitive but the opportunity to post your score or effort against someone adds an edge. Competition sharpens focus. It fosters an edge. It expands your thinking as you study what others do.
  1. Make it short. Keeping it short creates more opportunity for success. It helps keep things fresh.

So, if you’re trying to create excitement on your team, point to a specific goal. Frame it in a game. Find someone to compete against. Play often.

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