Inspiration to Others

I heard a speech by Heather Larson made at the Willow Creek Church where she was underscoring the impact of inspiring others.

It seems to me we each have choices: I will attempt to be an inspiration to others or I won’t. Simple.

I can understand either choice. Some folks like to stay within themselves. Remain private. They don’t think it’s their role to engage others. So, they don’t.

But, in my mind, there are certain roles in our lives that require one to step up to the inspiration responsibility. As a parent, as a spouse, as a teammate, as a boss, as a coach, as a leader. As a friend. There are more roles perhaps, but it helps to have tools to inspire when inspiration is called upon.

Larson offered five phrases:

“I value you.” To say you value someone communicates respect and honors the role the other plays in the scheme of your life. I know I’m guilty of appreciating in silence. There are many in my life and on my time I hold in high regard and keep that regard tucked away in my mind. The words of value spoken aloud inspire.

“You’ve got this.” Doubt creeps in. All the time. We all wonder at times if we have the stuff to succeed. When someone senses the struggle and affirms you at just the right time, you get the boost to go through with something scary or difficult. Be alert to those feeling challenged. Encourage them that they have the right stuff.

“Move on.” Sometimes you see people get stuck. They are mired down in regret or defeat. They are spinning wheels because they won’t let an issue die. The right inspiration is to point them in the right direction and inspire them to play again. Be one who comforts those who are licking their wounds but encourage them to get up and try again.

“Don’t quit.” Sometimes we see folks who are wavering in their effort and will to continue. As they lose energy, you see how close they are to success. As they are determining to fold up, you see how much they will regret having not finished the race. They need someone to encourage them to battle. That encouragement not to quit can change a life.

“I believe in you.” While confidence comes from within, there is no question we derive confidence from those who believe is us, count on us and say so as well.

Think about these phrases. Who has said them to you? How did they make a difference? Have you ever heard them too much? Who around you could use those words? Right now? Today?

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