“I can live with just about anything, but not lack of effort.  If you want to play in the game, you must give me 100%”.  – Roy Williams, University of North Carolina basketball coach.

Effort is a funny thing.  It’s personal.  While we can notice when someone’s effort seems under par, the level of your effort is governed by you.

You’re the only one who knows if there is more to give.  You’re the one who chooses whether you will give more or not.

We are selective with our effort.  When we do something, we love or play to win a game, we can summon it up.  Our effort will be distinctive.

But, I believe it’s a mistake to try to vary your approach to effort.

What I’ve observed is there are people who are oriented to going full effort all the time.  It’s not a matter of speed or frantic work, that’s not what I mean.

Full effort people are consistent.  You can count on them being there.  Their head is in the work.  Their energy flows every time.  They just don’t have a bad day.  When there’s something to be done, you can count on them.

That kind of effort doesn’t come naturally.  It’s a choice.

It’s a choice made daily.  My experience is that those who make that choice daily eventually distance themselves from those that don’t.

Giving 100% effort is a price of admission to the success arena.

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