Is Your Job Right For You?

Patty McCord was the Chief Human Resources Officer at Netflix when it began.  As you can imagine, starting Netflix from scratch was quite an adventure.

In a podcast she shares the three questions she asks herself when evaluating whether her present job is right for her.

Here they are:

Do you like who is on your team?

It’s a bit off color but one of the things I appreciate about our company is that we are “low on the a**hole factor.  Life’s too short to work with people who cause stress.  I believe work goes better when you enjoy who is on your team.  Studies show that friends work better with each other.  Liking each other should be a goal.

Are you proud of what you’re doing each day?

We ask you each year to answer questions about your job.  Do you feel safe?  Do you get to use your skills?  Do your ideas and opinions count?  It stands to reason that if we spend 40 plus hours working, it would be most satisfying if we know and believe it matters.

Are you learning?

Learning enables engagement.  If we don’t feel like we are growing and changing in our work, complacency sets in.  Boredom follows.  Our full efforts fall away.

McCord says she has applied these questions consistently her whole career.  It never let her down.

We each have responsibility in creating this kind of work place.  Are we good friends?  Do we make them?

Are we proud of our work?  If not, what do we change to make it so?  Who are we including in those discussions?


Am I growing?  What am I working on?


We are committed to helping you say yes to those questions. Contact me if you’re efforts towards this aren’t being served.

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