Leaders Enable Others to Act

Kouzes and Posner say that “Enabling Others” is another key practice of leaders.

What can we do as a company to confer leadership responsibility on others?

Recognize the leadership opportunities within our plants. To build pallets or treat wood, there are a lot of different units that perform tasks. If you think about it, each of these units exists to provide a product or service. Each of these units needs direct, hands-on leadership. While we may have a few formal supervisors, there are leadership opportunities in each unit. My goal would be to provide leadership opportunities within those smaller units so those who have the ambition to try on leadership would have the opportunity to do so.

Be transparent about numbers. We share more numbers than most companies. I believe the more everyone understands how profits are earned or lost, the better the contribution they are able to make.

Delegate more. Ask others to try on new things and experiment. Pay attention to those who relish the challenge and give them more.

When you are in a position of leadership and you encourage colleagues to learn more, to do more and to accomplish things they haven’t accomplished before, it enhances your leadership and strengthens your team.

As a leader, trust more and delegate more. Take risks with people. It will create a stronger team.

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